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    Control Knobs, Push-Pull- Knobs     Handwheels, Tapered and Lever Handles, Hand Cranks     Baling and Crank Handles     Knurled und Wing Screws / Nuts     Lifting Handles and Clamping Levers

For producing our knobs we mostly use thermoset plastic. Thermoset plastics has a high thermostability and low weight. Thermosets are electrically insulating, resistant to chemicals, food and particularly stiff. Knob elements from thermoset plastics can be used in difficult environments.

Some of our knobs are made of polyamide. Also this thermoplastic material has a high mechanical strength but is not as heat resistant as thermoset plastic.

Many of our knobs are equipped with metal inserts. We mainly use galvanised steel and brass.

All materials used comply with the RoHs directive and the reach regulation. A corresponding confirmation can be found here.


Below please find technical data sheets for:

thermoset plastics